General Cart Enquiries

How do I remove/make multiple orders of an item?

Select the item you wish to sponsor from our Gifting Shop,”Add to Cart” then click “View Cart / Checkout” to be directed to your Gifting Cart page where you can add/remove your cart items.

How do I make payment when I do not have a Stripe account?

You do not need a Stripe account to make payment! Simply “Pay with my debit or credit card


Payment enquiries

How much does Stripe charge? Why is there Shipping Fees charged upon checkout?

Shipping & Tax Fees reflected in checkout page is for the Stripe transactional charge! It is made up of S$0.50 per transaction + 3.4% of the cart amount (Tax Fees) for every transaction upon check out.

Why is there a 10% Admin &Transport Fee included in the item price?

Most suppliers do provide free delivery for orders above a certain amount and we do collate similar wishes from different agencies to make bullk purchases to get the best price and free/cheaper delivery. As such, items have to be delivered to different agencies and in different quantities. In addition, items are from different suppliers and do not come in the custom bundles/sets. Therefore, suppliers only make a once-off delivery trip to deliver all the items to our office and some packing would be required to ensure that each child from each agency receives a proper set with all the items as promised. 

 The 10% fee includes (1) costs of delivering items to the various agencies (rental of van/service fee if we engage a Non-Profit Organisation) and (2) associated administrative costs (printing of acknowledgments slips, materials for donor’s appreciation cards, etc). 

How do I know if my payment has been received?

You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of your payment. Be sure to leave a valid email address for us to contact you.